JC Christophers Body Treatments

Body Treatments

We provide professional salon services in a private, tranquil setting that has been designed with you in mind.


A visit to our spa is the ideal way to unwind and de-stress. With our exceptional spa treatments, you can breathe new life into your being and rejuvenate your soul.

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Mineral-Rich Sea Salt Glow  $100

A body treatment that is rich in therapeutic minerals found in the Dead Sea. Specifically formulated to exfoliate, smooth, nourish and renew the surface of the body.

Seaweed Body Treatment  $100

Rich in essential oils, ivy extract, and seaweed extract. Slims, firms, and detoxifies, by stimulating the lymphatic system.

Micro-current Body Slimming/Contouring   $85

Uses low voltage electro-current stimulation sent directly to the muscles achieves the effects of firming muscle and body contouring. This process jump-starts the body’s natural regenerative processes and re-energizes the skin and muscles. After a series of sessions, collagen and elastin will develop. As a result, you will see increased skin elasticity and a youthful definition to your body. This treatment is for one hour and includes an anti-cellulite massage.

Full Body Tanning

With sunless tanning, you get natural-looking results perfectly matched to your skin tone for a natural-looking tan that’s unique to you. It’s important to note: a sunless tan is a completely cosmetic tan and does not provide protection from the sun.

Full Body Tanning Application  $50

Full Body Tanning Application with Exfoliation $75